McKay Endowment

Predictive Analytics and Technology Integration (PATENT) Laboratory was formed through an endowment-level support from Mississippi State alumnus Lamar McKay of Houston, Texas. The McKay Predictive Analytics and Technology Integration Laboratory Excellence Endowment ensures ongoing support benefitting infrastructure, personnel, travel funds and other resources necessary to sustain and grow efforts of MSU’s Predictive Analytics and TEchnology iNTegration Laboratory, or PATENT. In addition to the excellence endowment, McKay’s gift also allows for the establishment of an excellence fund to provide immediate annual support until the endowment reaches maturity.

About Lamar McKay

McKay spent 40 years in progressive leadership roles in the oil industry, ultimately serving as Deputy Chief Executive of BP p.l.c. before retiring in 2020. He became involved in data analytics and technology integration at the corporate level during the latter part of his career, which sparked his passion for the emergent field and how it relates to the business world.

McKay’s support for PATENT reflects his passion and will enhance opportunities for MSU faculty and students to engage in related research that positively impacts science, industry, and society. It also reinforces the Bagley College of Engineering’s reputation as a leader in purpose-driven innovation for the real world.

Lamar and Nancy McKay